One Inscription, One World

Linking the Future of Bitcoin

The first decentralised social platform was based on BTC inscription governance. Connect every user in the Bitcoin ecosystem through Ordinals inscriptions, your proposal, your influence, forging monumental consensus.


The World's First Social Governance Platform For BTC Inscriptions


Any user holding the appropriate token has the opportunity to have a voice and influence the community

Proposal Inscription

Perpetuating Community Decisions and Wisdom on the Bitcoin Chain

Proposal Exchange

Support your favorite proposals with Sat-key purchases and exchanges


Enter the Chat Room and witness history while communicating with like-minded people!

Dapp Introduction

Providing A Deep And Participatory Digital Governance Experience

We are committed to creating a vibrant, interactive and trend-setting social community

Launching proposals to influence the future at

Proposal initiation
Community Voting
Proposal Inscription
Chat Room

Proposal initiation

Be the starting point for change and launch proposals to influence the future at


Creating a New Direction for BTC Inscription Social Governance

We are committed to building an open, fair and sustainable BTC social ecosystem

Our team consists of a group of passionate Bitcoin believers, technologists, and community builders!

We believe that through inscriptions, it is possible to permanently record everyone's voice and actions on the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin

Sat-Key Intro

the light of the proposal

Fee in the deal, payback agreement, sharing the fruits of prosperity with the sponsor of the proposal

Basic Rules

We have devised a series of mechanisms to ensure that each proposal is adequately communicated and monitored for implementation.

Participation Criteria

A certain number of addresses will have to participate in the proposal vote to open the chat room and Sat-key trading.


Sat-key trades on's unique Marketplace

Modeling price increases

Sat-key pricing is designed to promote incremental value through market dynamics How Sat-key works

Transaction Tax

Balanced distribution to participants to ensure benefit sharing

How to participate

Become part of

You can be the initiator, voter, inscriber or trader of a proposal.

By contributing their wisdom and resources, each participant will receive a corresponding benefit


Receive a share of Sat-key's transaction taxes


Getting Priority During Sat-key Startups


Participation in the Sat-key marketplace for value-added trading


Earn points by inviting other users to hold a Sat-key and have access to future airdrops!


Chat rooms as well as Sat-key are created only after inscription